Punka Know-How

Frequently asked questions !

Are they comfortable?

Yes they are very supple and bendy so they flex with your feet. We would recommend that half sizes should be rounded up for best fit although the shoes are standard widths. Because they are made of suede they stretch slightly when they get warm during wear which makes them even more comfortable.

Can you put them in the washing machine?


do they have arch support?

The current styles do not have arch support but a flat foam inner sole. This is still comfortable but does not provide additional support like a sports shoe as it is a casual light weight shoe not for running (only to the shops)

How do I clean my shoes ?

Wait until they are dry lightly brush and use a damp cloth.

How do I keep the shape my shoes if they are wet?

Rolled up newspapers!

Can I buy spare laces?

Sadly we do not offer this service at the moment

Can I get my shoes resold if they wear out?

Unfortunately due to the construction of the shoe to make it super comfy repairs are not possible to the sole.

Are there any other new styles available?

Yes there will be many more styles throughout the season. We have only just started!!!

What sizes do the shoes come in?

The shoes come in continental sizes 35 -41. For conversion into UK sizes see attached size chart.

Are my shoes waterproof?

Don't be so silly. They are not wellies.

Where else can I buy my Punkawalas?

Currently they are only available online but we are looking at taking a small pop-up shop in London as soon as we can!

I don't live in the UK, can I still buy Punkawalas?

Yes you can order from the drop-down boxes and we ship to Europe and the United States of America

Descriptions for the shoes



The original model. 2 eyelet lace up shoe of made of supple suede with a brightly coloured gummy sole. Available in eight options of sole/suede combination for summer 2015.



A slip on version of the original call dance because that is where the inspiration for the shoe came from made of supple suede with a brightly coloured gummy sole. Also available in eight different combinations for summer 2015



Based on the original model but with a slightly higher ankle fit made of supple suede and gummy sole. A modern interpretation of the 60s desert boot!



Again with a nod to the 60s this is a Chelsea boot version made in our supple suede and brightly coloured gummy soul combo which won't leave you limping at the end of a long evening. Enjoy your punkawalas!

Enjoy your Punkawalas!